NiCE Members

The NiCE managing board

Function Name Adress
President Christian Limpach Mainaustr. 44, 8008 Zürich
Vice President Felix Rauch Sempacherstr. 33, 8032 Zürich
Actuary Adriano Gabaglio Bruchstr. 29, 6003 Luzern
Collector Daniel Kluge Irringersteig 3, 8006 Zürich
Editor Dominik Moser Langwiesstr. 4, 8942 Oberrieden
Publisher Peter Burgdorfer Illnauerstr. 42, 8307 Effretikon
Buyer Felix Rauch Sempacherstr. 33, 8032 Zürich

The NiCE members

If you want to contact one of the NiCE members, you may use the
NiCEmail service []. But unfortunately not every member is actually connected to this service!

The NiCE webmaster

Name Adresse
Webmaster Philippe Robert Länggassstrasse 88, 3012 Bern
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