South Africa crime situation

Jason Mayfield (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 21:52:55 -0500 (EST)

All- Mat and I bought our non-refundable tickets today, so we're
DEFINiTELY going to be there, staying at the Hyatt with Christian.

Anyways, found this on a newsgroup, and just thought I'd pass it around.

Subject: Re: Crime nothing in South Africa

> That's a bunch of BS. The SA government has published reports that Cape Town
> the most dangerous city in SA for tourists. Tourists are targeted and
> assaulted. I've never seen more paranoia in the world than in SA. You reap
> you sow. Good luck.....

One cannot help to notice when arguements are placed for potential tourists
to africa see on this news group, how negative some opinions are,
particularly from people like bob, who 'think they are experts", just because
they read a government report. I Make My living from taking tourists to see,
Southern Africa and am dumbfounded by all the remarks from "front cover
impressions" If you really what to get to know a countries problems stay there
for a while, I think that it will qualify you as being able to give a small
inpression. There is no such thing as a fool proof report.

I was born in Cape town and lived in Johannesburg mostly all my life, and Have
the following comments to say about what others said. Yes we do have crime
problem, And at the risk of repeating other persons, Depends where you go,
If you practise all the general security commonsense you should be fine.
Johannesburg, city center, had one of the highest crime rates in
the world, second to new york, Cape town isn't even in the top ten. but, Just
because you are a tourist, it doesn't mean to say the criminals are going to
hunt you down and make make you a statistic, You haven't even listed the
what these reports talking about?

all you are helping to do is enforce the paranoid side of our future
guests, So not comming to South frica is not the solution, Marc 'et al' have
been the only ones with useful thoughts, it is it is very seldom that a
foreign tourist is murdered, mugged, robbed or assalted in Cape town.

Want real stats try these: OFFICIAL SA POLICE WEB PAGE

These are but a few so get you Facts straight, and stop talking utter
rubbish. Get real stats before making these remarks. There is a big difference
between a resident and a tourist.

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