A short, non-conventional resume...

Name: Philippe Charles David ROBERT
Birth date: March 27, 1973
Place of birth: Kaluquembe, Angola
Nationality: Swiss

  • [1992] Matura Type "B", Rämibühl
  • [2000] Masters in Computer Science, University of Bern
    Minor degrees in Mathematics and Astronomy
Currently, I am a PhD candidate at the University of Bern in the Research Group on Computational Geometry and Graphics.

  • Unix (NEXTSTEP, Linux, Mac OS X, IRIX)
  • C, C++ and Objective-C, m68k Assembler, Delphi
  • Cocoa (OpenStep, GNUstep), EOF
  • OpenGL
  • OpenGL Multipipe SDK
  • ImageVision
  • OpenGL Performer
  • OpenGL Shader, Cg
  • RenderMan, BMRT and QuickRenderMan / NeXT 3DKit
I was directly involved in the design and development of OpenGL Multipipe SDK and Imagevision when working at SGI.

  • Swiss German [mother-tongue]
  • German
  • English
  • French

Professional Experience

My experience as professional software engineer:

  • [2005 - 200x] Software engineer at Parametrix AG (part time)
    KIS development with Delphi

  • [2003 - 200x] Research assistant at the University of Bern
    PhD research, real-time ray tracing and GPGPU

  • [2001 - 2003] Software design engineer at Silicon Graphics Inc.
    Scalable graphics technologies, scientific visualisation, image processing and investigations for future technologies

  • [1999 - 2001] Senior software engineer at Sendai Systems
    Mac OS X programming, OO design and client/server application development

  • [1998 - 1999] Software engineer at Uptime Object Factory, Inc
    NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP programming, OO design and image processing