Spam filtering

On this page I give some hints on how to filter spam. I am quite conservative in this respect as I don't want to to loose any mail which is not spam. That's why there are currently only a few hints.

Filtering Spam from Asia

As I get a lot of chinese and korean spam, I started to filter the following header entries (procmail syntax):

Filtering Spam Mailers

I do also filter for Spam-mailers that identify themselves with an "X-Mailer" header entry. I have no guarantee that these tools are only used for spams, by feel free to take a look at my list of tools from which I already got some spam: spam_mailers.asc.

You can use the file for example with procmail to filter out some of the spam, e.g. with the following rule:

This filters quite some chinese spam and I never had a false positive.

Last change: 22-May-2002