Emacs for Openstep

Scott Bender is working on an Openstep version of Emacs. See his page for more Information: Emacs for Openstep

Emacs 19 for NS

Emacs 19 for NeXTstep is a version of GNU Emacs 19 which adds support for the NeXTstep (or NS, for short) window system while leaving most of the core functions of Emacs 19 unchanged. As a result Emacs 19 for NS can do anything which GNU Emacs 19 can do and is fully compatible with all Emacs Lisp packages written for it. It supports NS on the same level (and mostly in a very similar manner) as X is supported. In addition Emacs 19 for NS has a number of NeXTy features which do not have any X equivalent. The design aim was to make it look as similar as possible to an X application to Emacs Lisp programs and to make it look like a normal NS application to users.

The source code for the current beta releases is available from here.

There are also two mailing lists for this project:
it's a very low traffic moderated mailing lists with announcements of new versions.
the purpose of this list is the discussion of user problems. Lately it is also used as a general discussion forum about the current emacs beta releases.
To subscribe to one of the lists, send a message with the word "subscribe" in the body to the following adresses:
for emacs-for-ns-announce: emacs-for-ns-announce-request@vis.inf.ethz.ch
for emacs-for-ns-users: emacs-for-ns-users-request@vis.inf.ethz.ch
All messages to the announce list will also be forwarded to the users list, so you don't have to subscribe to both.

Archives for these mailinglists will be available here shortly.

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